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D A Lawson's debut novel [Always] is a thoughtful and refreshing alternative within the otherwise cliche-filled romance genre.
~Tod Langley
 Author, Prince Kristian's Honor and Ferral's  Deathmarch Army

Strong family values, Christian love, unexpected mystery, and sweet romance come together to make Of Dreams and Tragedies a highly recommended read.
~A. C. Townsend, author of The Trinity Conspiracy Series 

​Second Chances (Book One) by D.A. Lawson is a romantic novel filled with hope and recovery. This book is wonderful! I enjoyed reading it. The characters were relatable and I especially loved despising the antagonist, Monica. This is an inspiring romantic novel that reaches down into the deepest part of your heart and gives renewed hope.
~Susan Sewell for Readers' Favorite

Lawson is a talented author who handles language beautifully and pulls you into her story from the very beginning. [Always] is a very readable book with great warmth and meaning.
~Stephanie Dagg for Readers' Favorite

The author did a masterful job of telling a tale laced with perfect amounts of suspense, mystery, healing, and growth all wrapped around the perfect love story.
~Richard C. Rowland, author of Unspoken Messages (Of Dreams and Tragedies)
I thought that Of Dreams and Tragedies by D.A. Lawson was such a beautifully written story because it shows that everyone's life is a different journey. Even though Of Dreams and Tragedies by D.A. Lawson has an essence of romance, it also displays a taste of how the past impacts our future. Of Dreams and Tragedies by D.A. Lawson is a story that you must add to your collection.
~Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite