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​"I can't leave you alone.  You are mine. Do you understand?  Mine.  Always mine."

After a horrible relationship that lasted nearly three years, college student Julie McCourt is done with dating, done with men.  University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy student Kevin Sanders has no interest in a serious relationship--until he meets Julie, that is. During the summer, Kevin takes a job in the same hospital pharmacy where Julie works, the two of them spend time together, and Kevin wants to change Julie's mind. Will he be able to, or will Julie's ex-fiance ruin everything?

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Events for 2015

by Donia Lawson on 04/14/13

Spotlight on Local Authors and Book Festival 
Several area authors, including yours truly, will be part of this festival. It takes place on Saturday, April 18 from 10AM-4PM at Leo's Donuts and Coffee House, 605 N. Wilson Road, Radcliff, Kentucky.

Book signing and Tiny Art Group Show Finale Reception
My book signing will be part of the artists' reception at the close of the Tiny Art Group Show at ArtGypsy Gallery and Shop, 201 East Water Street, Suite 3, Hodgenville, Kentucky, on Saturday, May 16 from 5PM-8PM.
Via Colori
A special, all-day Second Saturday event happening on September 12 from 9AM until 9PM in downtown Elizabethtown, Kentucky. This is a marvelous street painting festival that benefits foster children in Kentucky.

Lincoln Days

I'll be set up inside ArtGypsy Gallery and Shop, 201 East Water Street, Suite 3, Hodgenville, Kentucky, for Lincoln Days on both Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4.

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As children, Michael Moriority and Allyson White have dreams. He wants to meed his grandfather's expectations and achieve athletic prominence. She wants to escape her abusive home life and study art. Tragedies strike them both, and their lives are forever changed. When Michael and Ally meet as adults, they are overwhelmingly drawn to one another. Not only are the scars from their pasts a barrier to their relationship, an obsessed stalker also threatens them. Tragedy may crush dreams once again when one sacrifices all for the other. 
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After listening to his seven-year-old daughter pray for a mommy who loves her, Josh Peters forces himself to give up hope that he and his wife will reconcile their marriage. He's ready to move on with his life, and Victoria has a plan to give her and her dad a complete family. Patrick, a friend from school, needs a dad. His mom, Dana Bradley, would be a great mom for her. Victoria's plan seems to be falling into place when she and her dad move next door to Patrick and his mom. Josh and Dana become friends. Dana is haunted by the loss of her husband, though, and falling in love again isn't something she's ready to do. The better Josh knows Dana, the more he wants to change her mind about giving love a second chance. The problem is, he isn't the only one. Will Josh and Dana get another chance at happiness, or will Dana's secret admirer and Josh's ex-wife keep that from happening?