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Always Book Trailer

Donia Lawson graduated with distinction in 1993 from the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. She practiced pharmacy for fourteen years, working in several different practice settings during that time. In 2007 she took a seven-year hiatus from pharmacy in order to homeschool her children. She developed her passion for writing during that time. Lawson currently practices pharmacy, promotes her published books, and writes.

Lawson's love for reading led her to write her first novel which was published in May 2011. "I decided to write the kind of story I like to read, one with a believable hero and heroine. My characters made mistakes but tried their best. When you get to the end of Always, I think you'll feel as if you've made a friend."

Her second novel, Of Dreams and Tragedies, was published in April 2013. Like Always, her second novel is set primarily in and around her hometown in Kentucky. Regarding Of Dreams and Tragedies, Lawson says this: "Parts of it will likely make your cry. Parts of it will hopefully make you laugh. In the end, though, I believe the compelling story will leave you with a good feeling."